Saturday, 25 April 2009

Picture for Adrienne

I decorated a picture for Adrienne. I painted a children's papery frame with some micaceous iron oxide which looks a flat colour on this scan but is quite sparkly in real life. I then added the turquoise piece which has a background painted with acrylic shimmery paint. I then added a section with paint with fantasy film on the top (which looks green on the scan but isn't in real life). I added the fantasy film while the paint was wet and then zapped with my heat gun. Trimmed the edges where the fantasy film rumpled up. The final sectionis a piece of cardboard with moulding paste through a stencil to produce the textured swirl. I then added paint and embossing powder and more paint etc until it looked right, heating each layer as I went along because I have no patience. There is turquoise and purple paint on that one I think plus silver embossing powder. The silver was then too bright so I added more paint on top to tone it down. Added a few stick on silver bits to the side which I covered in blue treasure gold so it wasn't so bright and little key. It has a flip out stand at the back so she can stand it up like a picture frame or can add a hanger at the back and put it on the wall. A combination of experiments.

I hope that Adrienne likes it when it arrives in the post.

Wednesday, 15 April 2009


Was inspired by Tim Holtz to try some stripes using a brayer. Played with some different colours. I think I will remember for the future.