Tuesday, 9 April 2013

12 day swap

I realised that I'd forgotten to post the photos of the items I made for the 12 day swap at Christmas. It is a closely guarded secret until everyone has opened their parcels so as not to spoil the surprise. Of course I then forgot to post the photo.

So I made a little needle case for everyone which I hope will come in handy.

All wrapped up in some tissue paper decorated with spray inks and a little stamped tag.

Quick catch up

I've not posted much on here for a while so thought I'd just have a quick catch up post for those projects that I've missed.

Firstly I made a polymer clay pendant and some buttons and charms using a mokume gane type technique. This involved making thin layers of coloured clay and then pressing a rubber stamp into the stack. I sliced off the top section revealing a pattern of colours underneath. I cut it into shapes and pressed some into a button mould.

I made a couple of pincushions, one for a swap and one which now lives next to my sewing machine to save me rummaging around for pins.

And finally a fabric postcard for the theme lace and buttons