Sunday, 22 March 2009

Masking ATC

My prototype for ATCs for a theme of masking. I sprayed a dictionary page with spray ink. I then put on a watered down partial coat of gesso. I put a mask on top and sponged on ink. Used some new Tim Holtz stamps to finish it off.

Wednesday, 18 March 2009


I have been experimenting with things so I thought I'd show you a selection of the results. Some I'm happier with than others. Most of these don't have a project yet but I'm sure they will be perfect for something one day. The technique I finally chose for the ATCs I was trying to design will be shown later on - the group I belong to keeps them secret until all are received and swapped out. The last experiment in this post was for another set of ATCs where the theme is masking so I think that's a good start for an ATC. Just have to design the rest of it now.

Some acrylics painted onto card then a crackle stamp on top. The right hand one has black ink, the left has versamark and gold embossing powder. They have a sheen in real life.

Micaceous iron oxide paint onto back of cereal packet quite thickly applied then used a stamp to create some texture. Once dried I put treasure gold on to pick up the texture. In real life it's rugged and shimmery and I love it. I think this will be a keeper.

Acrylics dabbed onto card

I saw a technique where you used gesso on a book page, embossed over the top and then sponged on ink. I tried that and produced some experiments and it wasn't quite what I wanted. So with this I first sprayed ink onto dictionary page. Then stamped and embossed the image. Then sponged on ink and then then ironed off the embossing powder.

This is the same thing but with the gesso. I didn't get as far as ironing off the powder so I may add more ink onto this one to rescue it or it may be used as it is.

For this one I sprayed ink onto page, applied some watered down gesso then used a mask and applied ink. I like this one. I tried it with no gesso and more gesso and this was the best one. I have a plan in mind for this one.

Tuesday, 17 March 2009


I made a small book for a swap. I made the coloured sections by swiping distress inks onto a non stick sheet and then spritzing with water. I dipped the paper in, dried, dipped in again and so on. I stamped a flower picture on the front and some words. The back I left plain because I love the background effect. I then cut some black mountboard to size and punched some holes. I made the signatures from some speckly paper. I then sewed the book together using coptic stitch binding. The photo below shows the spine. I then added some beads to the end of the thread. I hope the recipient likes it.

I found some great Youtube videos demonstrating coptic stitch binding. For a folded cover part1 and part2 and then with a hard cover.