Saturday, 20 June 2009

Lesson 7

This lesson involved painting a pink picture. It was really pink half way through but the top layers of brown grunged it up nicely. It looks more bright pink in the scan than in real life. There are some lovely texture marks in the middle at the bottom where I used a palette knife to add one of the layers and the brown washes pick it up really well.

Lesson 6 of Layer Love

Sunday, 14 June 2009

Monday, 8 June 2009

Meandering again

The final page for Jacqui with some added pearly buttons to finish it off.

This is Annie's page. Her theme was play on words. I stamped a music background onto the base that she sent. I added some stitching on the side then sewed on a picture of a women with pan pipes layered over some netting. I embellished with some beads on the side and then added a dymo label with the text. A play on the piped music you get in lifts and telephones.

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Vintage Meander page

This is Jacqui's page and her theme was vintage. I used sheer heaven paper and a collage sheet to transfer some text into the background. I then edged the page using my machine and sewed on a picture printed onto the sheer heaven paper. I was going to add some beads but I think I like it as it is at the moment. Will put it aside for a while to make up my mind.

Fourth meander page

This page is for Pauline C and her theme was nature. I stamped a flower onto the coloured background then sewed a fine fabric over the top. I embellished it with some beads and a dragonfly charm.

Saturday, 6 June 2009

Another Meander page

This is Adrienne's page and her theme is dreams. I put a layer of net over the entire background and sewed a ribbon the side. I used the colours in the background to make a beaded embellishment to circle round the dream charm.

Meander pages

I am taking part in a swap to make a meander book. It consists of 8 square pages which are eventually sewn together to make a book. I decorated 7 pages and sent them out and people will decorate them in my theme and return them. I have 7 pages from other people sitting here ready to decorate in their themes. Each person has coloured their pages before sending out and have chosen a theme so the colour scheme and theme are set for each page.

I have finished the first two.

Eva's page. She wanted the page to scream orange and I hope I've managed that. I used some card that I had decorated with spray inks and a stencil then sewed some ribbon borders and some beads. I realised once I'd made it that the card was too thick to sew once on top of the base that Eva sent so the buttons and beads are glued on.

Pauline H's page, her theme was sea and sky. This had a vilene base which Pauline coloured and then I sewed on some fabric layers and some beads and a boat charm. The boat is only attached at the top so it moves around on the sea. The text was added using dymo tape.