Monday, 30 April 2007

Rose backgrounds

I have a 4x5 inch rose stamp and I wanted to see what kind of backgrounds I could make from it. I started with a resist technique bacause it happened to be fresh in my mind and it wasn't really bold enough for the versamark and dye ink I usually do. I thought I'd try embossing with silver powder and then put some ink over the top. The results didn't have enough contrast really - the final ones posted here have had lots of layers of all sorts of inks where I was playing.

I then thought I'd get more contrast by using a lighter embossing powder so I used a very light one and then inked over the top. The result is shown here but I think that the reversed image is a little strange with this sort of stamp. It looks a bit spooky to me because I think the roses now look like eyes looking at me lol. I think both these resist techniques will probably look fine as backgrounds.

So then I resorted to the more obvious approach and coloured the card first using DTP and stamped over the top. Played around with the colours that's all.

Then in my box of half finished things I found the card where I'd tried out the outside the margins colour sprays that I got recently but haven't used properly yet. I overstamped on a couple of parts of it. I've posted the ones that I like. There is one that didn't work so well, I think because it had too many different colours and it needed a plainer background for such a detailed stamp. It really was a random sheet where I'd just sprayed colours to see what they looked like.

That was all for that session. I was hoping to get some backgrounds to use for the personalised swap on ccswaps. My partner likes chocolate, pastel colours, flowers and gardening so I was wondering whether I could get a set of three ATCs co-ordinated including these three things. Needs some more work on that.

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