Sunday, 30 December 2007

The 12 day presents are all opened and here they are

I am posting the photos of all the 12 day presents I got in this swap for you all to admire. There are so many presents it's taken me ages to post them all up. I hope I've got all your names attached to the correct presents - if I've made any mistakes please let me know and I can correct them. After 24 presents I was losing track a little lol.

Thanks so much to everyone in this swap. It was the best swap I have every taken part in and the presents were all wonderful. Thanks also to the hardworking Santa Pea and Elves Maggi and Chrissy who sorted all these swaps out and posted them to us all.

A little keyring from Trish B with matching ATC. Will be very useful because I never seem to have enough keyrings.

And a second gift from Trish was a fridge magnet and another matching ATC. That will be great on my metal notice board.

A little decorated matchbox from Tamara Spredemann with a little message inside.

I love this necklace made by Sweetpea. It has the most wonderful colours in it and has a combination of ribbon and beads.

A wonderful decorated book by Sweetpea. I love the jigsaw piece on the front and the moulded torso. Even the pages inside have a lovely pattern on them.

Sheryl Powell made a gorgeous keyring with a wonderful shiny coating on it.

A lovely necklace by Rena Sawatski showing a maple leaf on one side and a face on the other.

And Rena's second gift was a mini canvas for the wall which is lovely too.

Priscilla Hill made a great door hanger which has gone into immediate use. One side for come in and the other for leave me alone.

A gorgeous bound book containing post-it notes by Maggi Grabowski. What a fantastic idea - I'd never have thought to put sticky notes into covers. It is covered with the most beautiful paper.

Maggi's second gift is a decorative piece based on a beer mat. Very pretty.

A domino necklace by Linda Strawn. The beads remind me of the sweet necklaces I had as a child and the domino is so pretty too.

A beautifully decorated hardback journal by Leah Weber. I love the way this has been embellished with the Paris theme.

A microscope slide brooch by Kris O'Neill which is really good timing because I had just got some microscope slides and was wondering how to use them. What a great example this is.

A wonderful bound book with ATC size pages each with a clear ATC holder containing a blank ATC to match each page. A gorgeous gift from Kacy Clarke.

A little book decorated and made by Ina Ftacek with a lovely ribbon bow to close.

A lovely bookmark from Denise Rand with a handy magnetic closure on the bottom to stop it falling out of the book. What a good idea - might just borrow that.

A lovely bracelet from Debra Cochran. I love the colours and it has a gorgeous little tag dangling from it saying handmade.

Moulded airdry pieces by Adrienne Goodenough ready for me to play with. You can't see the detail on the photos but they are lovely moulds.

A lovely necklace by Barbara Stapleton. It is beautifully embellished too.

Another gorgeous necklace from Carol Sweeney. I opened this one first because it was beautifully wrapped in a German Bell made from silver card with holly leaves.

This is a little folder from Chris Bennett in Australia. It opens up to have a section for each month and little slips to record addresses and birthdays. Chris has made sure to put her own slip into it so I'll always know when her birthday is.

Chris was in both my groups and her second present was a tag with a moulded keyhole. Love the moulding.

A useful calendar from Chrissy Bornfleth which has a different and beautiful design on each page. That will be put straight to use.

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Maggi said...

Thanks for posting the pictures - I was lucky to receive many of the same treasures - I was sure that I would use some as gifts - NOT! I am keeping them all for myself!