Friday, 15 January 2010

Beaded Charm

I have joined a charm swap and thought I'd try out some of my improved beading skills since reading Beverly Ash Gilbert's book Beaded Colorways. It cleared up some issues I had with the details of the beading process. I was pleased though that the basics of the freeform beading I've been dabbling in were not too far off. I hung the charm up on the wall to try to take a photo of it, it is just over an inch top to bottom.

From one side.

From the other side


SweetPea said...

Way to go Fiona - and thanks for giving me some inspiration! Perhaps I need her book too :)

Pauline h said...

beautiful I need the book too.

Adrienne Goodenough said...

Woo Hoo - lovely beadwork. Great idea to make a bead charm.

Glad Beverly's book has helped improve your beading skills - she'll be pleased!

Beverly Ash Gilbert said...

I'm so thrilled that you found inspiration in my book. Your piece is really lovely! Have lots of fun playing with freeform beadweaving.


Jan Hoefler said...

How beautiful is that? Glad I signed up for the charm swap!

Carol said...

Gorgeous, all the blues together are heavenly! I'll have to give that one a try down the road.

Rena Sawatski said...

Beautiful charm Fiona. Might have to break down and buy that book.

chrissy said...

This bead is absolutely beautiful Fiona... I wish I had been your partner!