Tuesday, 25 May 2010


I joined a swap that required the use of a stencil. I decided to decorate some small canvases I'd got a while ago. They are about 4 inches square. I used acrylic paint to layer up some colours. I then used a plastic stencil from crafter's workshop to add some pattern to the background and then a brass stencil from Dreamweaver for the central image. I am pleased with them and intend to use one for the swap and to put the other one on my own wall.


Linda Wareham said...

They're beuatiful Fiona, I love the colours and the stencil you used on the background.

Adrienne Goodenough said...

Really lovely colours and choice of stencils - and I can never get the edges of stencilled images so clean LOL.

Shoshi said...

These are gorgeous, Fiona! I love the subtle colours, and the suggestion of a design on the background, which complements the main image so perfectly. Backgrounds are so important, aren't they - they can make or break a design

One talented lady!