Monday, 14 January 2008

Nebula Grunge

Autumn has come up with a new technique she has named Nebula Grunge and I had a play with it this morning.


The instructions are to to paint your surface with white acrylic paint, leave to dry then spray with bright colour mists and then spray a dark colour mist over the top and heat set.

The first sample above uses white acrylic paint and bright color mist sprays. I didn't have a dark spray so I used some moon shadow spray which is the darkest spray I have. When you dry it with a heat gun you get a blooming effect that creates the nebula like look to this. I think this sample looks a little washed out and I wasn't too happy with it. I think it needs the darker top layer to be really effective.

I was feeling impatient today so I couldn't be bothered to paint with the acrylic and leave to dry again so I wondered if it would work with glossy card. I used bright color mists again and then the moon shadow over the top and heated and the same blooming effect occured giving me my nebula again. I did miss the more grungy look of the first piece and the brush strokes. The second and third samples use these sprays.

I was looking for other colours and tried the sticky fingers sprays on the gloss card. I found that they didn't bloom in the same way and so I ended up with something very like the shining stones technique I tried out last week and that is the fourth sample on this post. Pretty but not the same.

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