Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Background blitz

I have lots of projects that need backgrounds coming up so I've spent all my time making lots of different backgrounds. I need some for ATCs and some for bigger sheets. I have to be able to make lots of the bigger sheets so I need to bear that in mind when I decide what to do. I have had my water spray going full blast trying out effects when spraying water or dripping water onto various inks and sprays.

Brayed rainbow ink. Then sprayed with red shimmer mist. The bottom left one was the effect of leaving it to run. The other two were sandwiched together and dragged apart. Might have added some water spray too but I can't remember now.

Glossy card and Marvy Metallics. I sprayed water on the top and either let it run or used a piece of waxed paper to slodge it a bit (just what happened to be in reach at the time). Some had water sprayed before and after the markers, some just afterwards. The blue/green/silver ones on the bottom right were ordinary card placed into Marvy Metallics and water on a non-stick mat.

Glossy card sprayed with colour spray then sprayed with water to make interesting effects. The top right hand one had water sprayed through a stencil before the colour sprays.

Used gesso onto card - some brushed, some sponged. Then put distress inks onto non-stick mat, sprayed with water then put card onto the top. I repeated until the colour was strong enough. I then dripped water onto some of them to make those spodges. I think the middle top one didn't have any gesso on that side - I turned it over to see what it was like with just the water spodges.

Distress inks plus water plus colour spray. The left hand one has the ink pad direct to the paper, the right hand one used a sponge to apply ink. Then tried dripping water onto it to give spodges but it didn't seem finished so I sprayed a red shimmer spray over the top.

Twinkling H2Os onto watercolour paper. These look really effective when they are cut up into ATC sized pieces but don't look so good as large sheets. I was originally planning to use these for one of the ATC swaps.

Different combinations of colour spray. My favourite quick backgrounds at the moment.

Wall paper and colour sprays. Rubbed ink pad over the bottom one. Dont' really like these.

Sprayed water through stencil onto watercolour paper and used colour sprays.


Dawn said...

Great backgrounds - they look fabulous, lots for you to work with!!!

Carol said...

Wow!!! Lots of great fun I love the bright colors. You've given my ideas. Thanks

Autumn Labbe-Renault said...

What fun, Fiona. Your color choices are right up my alley!

denise's little birdie studio said...

oh these are very nice. Makes me want to go home early and start playing with backgrounds.