Friday, 22 February 2008

More backgrounds

This time I decided to play with some waxed paper resists. It is an older technique but I haven't used it before. It has taken me a long time to track down any waxed paper. I crumpled up sections of waxed paper and ironed it on some card. This then resists any ink applied. I tried both glossy and normal card stock with distress and spray ink.

These are the results of the experiments. I tried applying the inks direct to a brayer, laying the ink onto a non stick mat and placing the card on top (with water for the distress inks) and taking the ink off the mat with the brayer. I found the best result for the glossy were where I applied distress inks to the non stick mat, didn't spray with water then picked it up on the brayer to apply. I could then make coloured stripes without a rainbow pad. I also got good results with distress ink direct to the brayer then on glossy but it's harder to get multi colours. I found the best results for the spray inks were on the normal card stock and I could apply direct to the card and then brayer . Applying distress inks to the mat, spraying with water then dipping the normal card in also worked but gave quite washed out colours so if I want stronger colours I would have to repeat a few times. If I'm doing lots of these then that will take much longer.

If I inked the brayer with distress inks and used normal card the ink was absorbed too much and I had to keep reinking and the coverage was very patchy. It might work better if I spritz the brayer with water. Will try that next time.

My favourites scanned - still difficult to see but better than the photo I think.



Maggi said...

Really like what you have been doing. It's funny how we "forget" some techniques, and when we try them again, it's like a new one! Thanks for posting.

Adrienne Goodenough said...

Oooh, I have never tried this technique. Your results are gorgeous and inspiring. I MUST find the time to try it out myself.

Annie said...

You've been very busy and it is all gorgeous stuff.

Rosie said...

I have been searching the group's blogs for this technique which I read here a few weeks ago! I managed to get my mitts on some wax paper scraps last week and now I have reread your blog, I can have a go tomorrow!! Woohoo - and thanks Fiona! Hugs, Rosie